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Fey: Hybred Fey is some what shy and kind of hard headed. He doesn't talk to may people, mostly because they wont talk to him. Other then being quite, he has a tendency to put himself in akward and embarrassing situations. His life is a secret to everyone around him, and although he's not sure if he want's it that way or not, it can get pretty frustrating at times.
Fey: Hybred Honesty Temya is a gorgeous confused mess. She can't remember who she is or anything about her past, and barely remembers to put shoes on before leaving out the front door! Still, she seems to have a kind heart despite a past reputation. Only time will tell if she ever regains her memory.

Ari Brinks
Temya's younger tomboy sister. She shows up at the beginning of the comic looking a bit crazy. She's into sports, doesn't mind getting down and dirty, and has a taste for adventure. Her lucky number is 18.